TRIP Notarissen in Almere is a modern and contemporary notary office. Our office distinguishes itself by the personal and versatile service it offers with a range of specialisms for both individuals and businesses.

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TRIP Notarissen is happy to help you in performing the common notarial services such as the notarial property transfer of a house or business premises, or the setting up and passing of a mortgage deed, cohabitation agreement, prenuptial agreement or a will.

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Are you planning to buy or build a house? Make sure you are fully informed. TRIP Notarissen in Almere is happy to answer all of your questions regarding the deed of sale, protection for you as a buyer, the notarial deed, the mortgage deed, the notarial deed of transfer and the land register.


Only a will drawn up by a civil-law notary is legally valid. A will sets out who is to inherit in a way that differs from the statutory inheritance regulations. TRIP Notarissen would be happy to advise you about your will or living will.



A sole proprietorship, a partnership, a general partnership or a limited partnership: are you no longer able to see the forest for the trees? TRIP Notarissen in Almere specialises in corporate law and knows exactly what suits you best.


Following the death of a loved one, there are many administrative and practical matters you will need to arrange. The house will need to be completely emptied. TRIP Notarissen supports you in settlement of the estate so that you don’t have to face this alone.


Is the signature on the document really yours? A civil-law notary can establish that for you in a legalisation. Legalisation is compulsory for an increasing number of documents. TRIP Notarissen arranges legalisations for statements, powers of attorney and other documents.

Trip Notarissen Almere


TRIP Notarissen started up in 1982 in Haven. This made us the first notary office in Almere. With more than thirty years’ experience, we have expertise in corporate law, complex real estate transactions and family law.


TRIP Notarissen has as its slogan: ‘Arranged well, duly noted!’ Our proactive attitude means that we’re involved with you, our client. Our employees are up to date on all of the latest developments, including fiscal developments. Quality is assured, thanks to our team of experienced specialists.


TRIP Notarissen has more than 30 years of experience in all notarial areas. Research has also shown that our clients value us because of our extensive expertise, and because we are prompt, reliable, honest and skilled, and we work closely with them.


TRIP Notarissen currently consists of a civil-law notary, a candidate notary, two notary clerks and nine members of notarial staff. Our specialisations include family law, complete estate management (settlement of estates), complex real estate transactions and corporate law.

What our clients say about us:

M. Zanca uit Almere

“Goede service van alle medewerkers. Mijn overdracht ging niet helemaal van een leien dakje. Door de snelle acties van Trip is alles toch nog in orde gekomen. Nogmaals hartelijk dank!”

V. Plantinga uit Bussum

“Ontzettend vriendelijke ontvangt, duidelijkheid in wat er ging gebeuren, heldere communicatie. Fijn kantoor.”

R. Vader uit Almere

“Zeer professioneel; eigenlijk zoals je mag verwachten. Proactief en zeer klantgericht.”